Till Kaeslin

Having that ability is an earned luxury — stop diluting it with 9 to 5 conventions

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I’m ready for the next revolution, not a reboot of the one that was shocking to my parents’ generation

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No, I don’t want a Sex and the City reboot — and that’s coming from one of the biggest SATC fans alive. Probably.

One awkward doctor’s visit and the latest attack by the Trump administration on LGBTQ+ health care

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I’m not proud of it, but I could feel my face go red when I willed myself to ask my doctor about specific testing for anal STIs.

I wrote about anal sex on the internet. This is what I learned about facing your publishing fears.

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Too many of my “relationships” began and ended with a GIF.

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To all my fellow solo-runners: I promise to never invite you on a run.

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My parents would never let me forget that I was the class distractor from day one.

There is so much good we can do in one year, we just need an average one to do so.

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Till Kaeslin

20-something writing from my Facebook marketplace-adopted desk in Harlem * Sender of ‘That’s Gay’, the newsletter * https://linktr.ee/tillkaeslin

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